Thursday, August 05, 2004

EU to Question Palestinian Prisoners About Terror Funding

The European Union has asked Israel for permission to interview jailed Palestinian terrorists as part of investigation into a possible redirection of EU funds to terror groups.
The European Union wants to carry out interviews with Palestinian prisoners being held by Israel. The investigations are part of an inquiry launched last year by the EU anti-fraud unit at the request of the European parliament.

A parliamentary inquiry in April found no conclusive evidence that the Palestinian Authority misused EU funds. But some European lawmakers questioned the report and asked for more inquiries by the anti-fraud office.

The European Union is the biggest foreign donor to the Palestinian Authority and provides more than $96 million a month to fund Palestinian public salaries.

EU investigators visited Israel earlier this year and reviewed Palestinian Authority documents seized by Israel and also heard testimony by members of Israel's secret police.
$96 frickin' million a month. If some of that's not going to terrorism, it's at least freeing up other money to go to the bad guys. The EU just wants to look at the books and not see the big picture.


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