Monday, August 02, 2004

Kerry Claims Bush Policies Encourage Terrorism

Sorry, but I'm utterly aghast at this stupidity.

John Kerry is now claiming that, by taking the fight to the terrorists sans the approval of Saddam's French and German bankrollers, the policies of President Bush are feeding terrorism.
Kerry repeated his argument that the Bush administration is encouraging the recruitment of terrorists. He said Bush hasn't reached out to other countries and the Muslim community.

"The policies of this administration, I believe and others believe very deeply, have resulted in an increase of animosity and anger focused on the United States of America," Kerry told reporters after a campaign meeting with first responders. "The people who are training terror are using our actions as a means of recruitment."

Bush said, "It is a ridiculous notion to assert that, because the more the United States is on the offense, more people want to hurt us."
One simple response is all that is needed for this tripe: were the current Bush policies in place while the 9/11 attack was planned? No, we were operating at the time under the Clintonian policy of tit-for-tat. That is, tit means "you hit us" and tat equals "we chuck a cruise missile somewhere."


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