Monday, August 02, 2004

PA Fails to Protect Prisoners in Jail, Hospital

Demonstrating their inability to control (or maybe their ability to direct) their own terrorists, the Palestinian Authority repeatedly failed to protect prisoners from terror, as alleged Israeli collaborators were attacked in a PA jail and two of the injured were later capped while in hospital care.
In dramatic, daytime raids on Gaza City's largest hospital, Palestinian vigilantes killed two men convicted of collaborating with Israeli intelligence, shooting them at close range hours after they were admitted for wounds suffered when a grenade exploded in their jail cell Monday.

The two had confessed during their trials to helping Israeli forces kill two top Islamic militants. While killing of suspected collaborators are common, the audacious military-style operations in broad daylight with hundreds of witnesses illustrated a progressive breakdown of law and order in the Palestinian territories.
Paging Michael Corleone. Mr. Corleone, please pick up the white phone. Your hospital security ingenuity is needed in the land of the lawless.


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