Friday, July 02, 2004

Iraq Seeks European Help With Security

Iraq is requesting training assistance from France and Germany for its security forces.
Iraq (news - web sites)'s deputy foreign minister appealed Friday to France and Germany to help build and train the country's security forces, saying the new Iraqi government wants to broaden its relations beyond Washington and London.
This is a very sharp move, if I'm reading this correctly. By going straight to the heart of our erstwhile allies, the new Iraqi government can present an argument that it is not just a U.S. puppet while still getting a valuable commodity. Also, if agreed that the training is in Europe, France and Germany have little ground on which to base a refusal.
"We want balanced relations with all the countries of the world, and we are seeking the help of the international community to build a new Iraq built on democracy and respect for human rights," al-Bayati said.
This paints the Euros into a corner: help the new Iraqi government find stability and thus strengthen the American chance of long-term success or look like schmucks on the world stage.


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