Thursday, July 01, 2004

Cohen: F9/11 So Bad It Could Help Bush

In the latest column of liberal Richard Cohen, the film Fahrenheit 9/11 is shredded, both on methodology and relevance.
I go on about Moore and Ellis because the stunning box office success of "Fahrenheit 9/11" is not, as proclaimed, a sure sign that Bush is on his way out, but instead a warning to the Democrats to keep the loony left at a safe distance.
Unfortunately, it may be too late for the Dems to keep the loony left at arm's length. In fact, it seems the loons are the rudder of the good ship Democrat, steering hard a'port.
It is so juvenile in its approach, so awful in its journalism, such an inside joke for people who already hate Bush, that I found myself feeling a bit sorry for a President who is depicted mostly as a befuddled dope.

I fear how it will play to the undecided. For them, I recommend "Spider-Man 2."


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