Thursday, July 01, 2004

U.S. to Pull Forces From 2 U.N. Missions

Seems to only be a token gesture, but the U.S. military is backing out of two tiny deployments.
The U.S. military will pull tiny contingents out of two U.N. peacekeeping missions because Americans no longer are exempt from international prosecution for war crimes, a Pentagon (news - web sites) spokesman said Thursday.

A seven-person team will be removed from the U.N. mission to keep the peace between the African nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea, and two liaison officers will be taken out of the U.N. mission in Kosovo, spokesman Larry Di Rita told reporters at a new conference.
We should pull, or at the very least threaten to pull, our 2,200 troops from Kosovo, with the explanation of principle and more dire need elsewhere. Specifically, enforcing U.N. resolutions in Iraq.

I do so tire of the League of Nations, Part Deux.


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