Sunday, August 08, 2004

Christmas in Cambodia?

A tip of the CVC to Captain's Quarters for his repeated nailing of an apparent Kerry lie about his Viet Nam service here and here and here.
The effect of the collapse of Kerry's Cambodian Christmas should be devastating. It shows that Kerry repeatedly lied about the nature of his service in Viet Nam, destroying his credibility and bolstering that of the Swiftvets. It also casts a lot of doubt on Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony regarding widespread atrocities committed by American soldiers and Marines in the war and the complicity of US leadership. In fact, such blatantly false assertions and testimony undermine the confidence any reasonable person would have in Kerry's entire character.
Go and read Captain's Quarters. Daily. At least.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so hard to understand how anyone can follow Kerry after his flip-flops and lies are so well documented. I thought the Swift Boat Vets were probably just partisans throwing mud, but they produced just too much evidence of Kerry's misdeeds and untruths. I guess the Kerry backers are so mad at Bush, thry don't concern themselves with the truth.

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