Monday, July 19, 2004

Kerry aide: Bush 'flat-out lied' on Iraq

Ummm, okay.

According to "badly wounded Vietnam war veteran" and ousted Senator Max Cleland, President Bush led the U.S. into the Iraq war on a "pack of lies."
Cleland said that Bush went to war "because he concluded that his daddy was a failed president and one of the ways he failed was that he did not take out Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)" in the 1991 Gulf war. "So he (Bush junior) is Mr. Macho Man."

He added that Kerry, from Massachusetts, agreed with the assessment of Bush's credibility. "About a year ago John Kerry said,'The president lied, he lied to me personally,'" said Cleland, a badly wounded Vietnam war veteran.
The response from the Bush team was simple:
The Bush campaign issued a statement denouncing Cleland's "rage-filled rant" and accusing Kerry of playing politics with national security, while White House spokesman Scott McClellan shrugged off the Democrats' attacks.

"I would remind you that the president's opponent looked at that same intelligence and made the same decision to support the use the force to remove that regime from power," McClellan said. "I know he's all over the map since that time."
So much bitterness on the left side of the aisle these days. Check that, Cleland no longer sits left of the aisle.

By the way, I have yet to find any specifics from Cleland as to what the president's "lies" were.


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