Friday, August 13, 2004

Are the Media Finally Hearing the Swiftvets?

Working on a project tonight so there may be no original posting.

Check back later but, for now, a tip of the CVC to Captain's Quarters for finding a hard-hitting editorial about Kerry and the Swiftvets. It looks like the walls around Fortress Kerry may be showing some cracks.
With his campaign being pounded by the very "band of brothers" that John Kerry invoked time and again on the stump, his advisors have been working overtime on two tracks: discredit the veterans he once presumed would wholeheartedly support him and keep the story out of the mainstream press.


Blogger amy joybits said...

Kerry was awarded a bronze star and a silver star apparently by the very government you fought to protect? Are you saying they are not competent to decide who should receive a medal and who shouldn't? The swiftboat vets did not serve on Kerry's boat, and they are partisan-funded. The men on Kerry's boat do support him: he's a decorated veteran.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Gunner said...

Ummm, plenty of medals won by the Swiftvets. Are you so quickly discounting those, Michelle? And no, one of the Swiftvets was on Kerry's crew (Gunner's Mate Gardner). Also, these boats did not act alone; much in the same manner as tanks, they acted together in groups and closely observed each other. The Swiftvets include sailors on accompanying boats that have countered much of Kerry's version of history, some of which has already been shown to be false.

10:22 PM  

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