Sunday, July 25, 2004

On the Way: Apparently, the Blogging World Waits

All weekend, my blogroll has been relatively quiet, leaving little to advocate or cause comment.

Unfortunately, monitoring Google, Yahoo!, CNN, etc., I find little of worth to blog about on these. Does the world wait on the DNC convention? Goodness, I hope not. I wonder what the next few days of the blogging world will be like if we must rely on a heavily-orchestrated event like the DNC National Convention for news.

But, wait ... this means possibly two things.

First, the rest of the world is seemingly relatively quiet, waiting, not wanting to interfere. This could be something or nothing, as it would have to be compared relative to the upcoming RNC gathering. Who makes noise? Who voices their vested stake?

Second, the Dems are toning down their ABB (Anybody But Bush) message because the 9/11 Commission has shown that terrorism is an ongoing threat. This week, Kerry has to show that he can get better international support for our efforts than Bush has managed -- more support from the French, et al, than they provided to Saddam. Kerry has to show that he can improve the intelligence community, despite his voting history of cutting funding to it. Kerry has to show that he can assist the military in their efforts, despite his stances to deprive them of funding, especially the Iraq-related funding. Kerry has to support the troops, after trashing the military, and himself, for war crimes.

It's sad that a major contender for president has allowed his message to shift so much without conceding he was wrong.

Kerry about jobs: well, it's pretty quiet now.

Kerry about pre-emption: Never against it, but quiet now.

Kerry about WMD: They're there. They are not there. Quiet now. 'Cause they're there (found) and elsewhere (unfound, but mark Gunner at his word).

Kerry about the UN: We should act in our own best interests. No, we should act in accordance with every country acting in their own best interest but phrase it as if they are worldly and we are selfish. That is how to lead decisively.

Instead, I expect a low-key, patriotic Dem convention over the next few days. "We could do better." Lots of patriotic music, little policy.

Here's hoping Teresa Heinz says something cool, but Gunner money is against it. Dean and his ilk would've been fun, at least.


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